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February 16

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The VIP Waitlist for the most anticipated Live Surgery course on the planet is here!
Add you contact so you will be notified before anyone else. The last edition sold out in 1 minute!

January 19




Dr. Sousa lectures on January 26 @ 11.30 am.

January 4

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Reduce complications, improve patient care and expand your portfolio of treatments, with the first Botox® Full Arch Course.

December 12


As many colleagues are aware, the FULL ARCH CLUB and Dr. Bernardo Sousa have been cooperating over the past few years with Full Arch Masters, another organization in full arch education. This cooperation no longer exists and FULL ARCH CLUB courses and events are displayed on this website only.

The Best Is Yet To Come

FULL ARCH CLUB has set the new standard for the immediate rehabilitation in full arch surgery. 

Join the family of hundreds of colleagues from all around the world and become part of the future of oral implantology.


Exclusive group for real time announcements, daily cases, questions and discussion about full arch surgery




Education intro
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Our Principles


Once you go no-graft, you never go back.


There are many guided surgery courses. This is not one of them. We will teach you the pure free-hand surgical approach.


We don't want to sell you stuff, and certainly not implants.

It's never about the brands, it's about the principles.


Our solutions for the atrophic jaws are safe, minimally invasive and replicable by anyone with proper training.


Full Arch. One day. Immediate Loading.

That's it.

Sugery Courses

Full Arch Surgery Courses

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The Mastercourse


The course that changed the game.

Designed for doctors starting their journey in full arch immediate loading and for experienced surgeons moving away from grafts and classic approaches.

Course Details >

The Bootcamp


This course is discontinued!


Join the new Special Ops!

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Special Ops

The ultimate test of skills, endurance and proficiency.


For those who search the full experience: the whole theory, the didactic hands-on, and the hardest live surgery cases. Only for the brave.

Course Details >


Sugery Courses

Flash Courses

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Botox® Course


Botox is a very safe and effective way of reducing muscle overload and decrease implant and prosthetic complications.

In this brand new course you will become an expert on using this tool to improve your patient care.

Course Details >

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Don't listen to us. Listen to them.

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"A terrific course! A very comprehensive display of protocols from maxilla and mandible, particularly the palatal approach,  trans-sinus, trans-nasal, pterygoids. and the new custom subperiosteals.

I would certainly recomend this course"

Michael Pikos, USA

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"I am way beyond surprised. Bernardo has shown us what can be done in full arch cases. I recommend it for everyone, specially for the people in the United States because this course is definitely next level up"

David Ting, USA

Captura de ecrã 2021-12-12, às 22.29.11.png

"The techniques I learned here were mind blowing! A real game-changer in my practice because this techniques are not taught in USA. Bernardo doesn't only talk about things, he actually does it"

Art Mirelez, USA

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"I recommend this Mastercourse because Dr. Bernardo gave us a very detailed knowledge about the techniques and several little secrets that will help my clinical life"

David Tristão, Portugal

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"Effective, inspiring, defying and very complete.

I recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their surgical skills in full arch surgery"

Valentina Ormazabal, France

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"By far, the best CE that I ever took. I feel that I can apply the techniques tomorrow.

It's unconventional, defying and carreer altering"

Alexander Stewart, USA

Alyssa Mencini.png

"I am super happy and recommend it to everybody.

It's a very advanced course but very easy to follow. Lots of hands-on to incorporate what you just learned. I am also very excited about the Bootcamp in Brazil"

Alyssa Mencini, USA

Captura de ecrã 2021-04-06, às 15.02.06.png

"I recommend this course not only for begginer implantologists but for those who have 10-15 years of experience because there is still a lot to learn about this immediate loading techniques"

Jure Zargi, Slovenia

Captura de ecrã 2021-09-13, às 19.59.24.png

"This was a 5 star experience. It's a very practical course and really focused in the real-life implantology situations. It changed my view on subperiosteal implants and pterygoid implants"

Gonçalo Ângelo, Portugal

Captura de ecrã 2021-12-12, às 22.43.46.png

"Bernardo took the time to look at literature to understand what can be done, what should be done, what's possible and what's not the best option. He gave us all the little tips and tricks to do it easier, more efficiently and oh-my-god so fast"

Jeff Bynum, USA

Captura de ecrã 2021-12-12, às 22.56.10.png

"I can apply all the techniques immediately in my daily practice. Bernardo is an excellent teacher, I loved the live surgeries, the practice and all, it was just an amazing course"

Tiago Lopes, Portugal

Captura de ecrã 2021-12-12, às 23.02.34.png

"I do strongly recommend this course for anyone who has experience in implant dentistry and wants the next step in full arch immediate loading protcols"

Christos, United Kingdom

  • What is the difference between the Mastercourse, the Live Surgery Bootcamp, and the Special Ops?
    The Mastercourse is a unique course that will teach you everything there is to know about these ground-breaking techniques. It includes the theoretical lectures, practice hands-on models and Live Surgeries performed by Dr. Bernardo with the assistance of the participants. It's designed for doctors with some experience in Implant Dentistry who are ready to take the next step in the Full Arch Immediate Loading field. This course program is the first and only education event that includes a full-spectrum concept to treat virtually 100% of the full arch cases without the need for bone grafting, digital guides or zygomatic implants. The Live Surgery Bootcamp, now discontinued, was a 100% Live Surgery course on patients by the participants. It did not include lectures or hands-on training. It's was a very advanced program designed for doctors who attended the Mastercourse. After 7 fully booked editions, we concluded that, even for those who took the Mastercourse before, the theoretical part and hands-on portion was somehow missing here and there, and causing some hesitations or some recap of the principles during the live surgeries. Therefore, we decided to replace this program for the new Special Ops, so you always get the full experience in order to absolutely master the live surgeries. The new Special Ops combines the best of the Mastercourse and the best of the previous Live Surgery Bootcamp in a single and extraordinary experience tailored to teach you not only all the principles and techniques but also the real live surgery experience in patients. It's a 4 day experience in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, destined for those who are brave enough to endure intensive learning, practicing on models and operating real patients with full time monitoring by Dr. Bernardo and the Full Arch Club Team of experts. Contrarily to the Bootcamp, you can join the Special Ops without having participated on the Mastercourse. Although we do recommend taking the Mastercourse first, go back to your office, start implementing the techniques, and then take the Special Ops to further improve your skills.
  • I have little experience in full arch immediate loading, which course should I take?
    The Mastercourse. In this experience you will learn every concept, starting from the very basics of full arch surgery to the very complex approaches such as palatal approach, pterygoids, trans-sinus, trans-nasal and custom subperiosteal implants. You will also learn soft tissue manipulation secrets and immediate loading prosthodontics.
  • I have experience in full arch surgery, but some techniques are new to me. Can I go straight to the Special Ops?
    Yes, but please consider taking the double program (Mastercourse + Special Ops). You will have a much better experience in the Special Ops if you have learned and interiorized all the techniques previously.
  • Is zygomatic surgery included?
    No. We believe there are safer, easier and less destructive solutions for extreme atrophic maxilae. By the end of the Mastercourse you will see that you don't need zygomas to solve your cases. In fact, our treatment concept allows you to solve zygomatic implant failures in hopeless cases of maxillary destruction.
  • Do you provide any course diploma / certification?
    Yes, by the end of both courses, you will receive a Diploma, which includes your name, hours of education, date and place. US participants have reported us that they were able to get CE credits, once they submitted their course information and certificate.
  • What is the language of this courses?
    English. Although we can translate to Portuguese / Spanish / French if you don't understand some specific parts.

Live Surgery Bootcamp Preview

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