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The Story

The FULL ARCH CLUB was founded in 2019 by Dr. Bernardo Nunes de Sousa, former physician at MALO CLINIC Lisbon, with the purpose of sharing ultra-reliable techniques for the immediate fixed rehabilitation of the atrophic jaws.

What started as a social media platform, soon became one of the world's leading centers for implantology education in the field of full arch immediate loading.

We deeply believe that full arch education needs an update. An immediate, graftless and social responsible update.

Welcome to the movement.

Dr. Bernardo Sousa

Since university, we have been told that atrophic cases usually need bone grafts, sinus lifts, artificial bone substitutes, collagen membranes, etc, BEFORE placing implants.

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​We have also been told that after those interventions, our patients have to wait months and months with a removable denture, causing speech issues and traumatic ulcers.

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We have even been told that Immediate Loading is something rare, something only achievable in some ideal cases, in some ideal situations, in some ideal patients, by some Ultra-Gifted Doctors.


We don't believe in this anymore.

Our mission is to teach you Advanced Surgical Techniques that enable you to perform Immediate Loading in virtually 100% of the cases.​

Our mission is to give you the knowledge and the confidence to treat the Most Difficult cases in One Day, with Immediate Loading.

Our mission is to train you to become a real Full Arch Club Surgeon.

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