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From CT-Scan to 3D Print-ready Model in 15 Minutes
From CT-Scan to 3D Print-ready Model in 15 Minutes

dom., 24 de mar.


Online Workshop

From CT-Scan to 3D Print-ready Model in 15 Minutes

Do you want to train your complex surgeries? Tired of waiting forever to print a model from a CT Scan? Learn how to produce a print-ready model from a CT scan under 15 minutes, for Windows and Mac. This workshop, as with everything we do, requires little to no expertise on complex software stuff!

Date and Place

24 de mar. de 2024, 18:00 – 20:00 GMT

Online Workshop


Printing your own model is a great way to train your surgeries and antecipate complications

Some borderline cases of trans-sinus, trans-nasal, palatal approach and custom subperiosteal can be better planned when you have the physical model with you.

🧠 The problem is that outsourcing this task is expensive and takes time

Sometimes 3 days, and a few hundred dollars, which is just unnaceptable if you can do it faster, even delegate it to a staff member, and virtually for free.

🧠🧠 The other problem, using Blue Sky AI, is that is only works for Windows

Leaving Mac users without much solution other than manual segmentation that takes too long.

💻 We have a very simple , yet effective way of creating a Print-Ready model of your CT-Scans

And we will share it with you step by step, so you can follow along in your computer.

👉 Who Should Attend?

  • Colleagues with little to no interest in becomming tech-gurus, but interested in learning a simple way of producing a STL-ready to print of their own cases

👉 Requirements

  • Fast internet connection and a relatively good computer
  • 3D printer (not required for the workshop but for the posterior printing of the model)
  • Basic computer knoweledge (if you can read a ct scan, draw a dental curve, and rotate the jaw in any 3D view software, you know enough for this workshop)
  • This workshop is not about the 3D Printing part itself, as it is a whole other topic, and depends from printer to printer, and software from software. This is about how to create the model segmented, and without the unnecessary parts for your surgery. And you will do that, under 15 minutes!
  • Works with any system: Windows or Mac 

👉 Joining the session

You will get a link once you register, and again 30 minutes before the session.

This online workshop is held by Dr. Sousa, who hates being in front of the computer as much as you do. Therefore the simplicity of the process.


  • 3D Print Your Own Model

    Personal and non refundable ticket

    € 120,00
    Tax: +€ 27,60 VAT+€ 3,69 service fee


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