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The Bootcamp



This is a 100% Live Surgery Course on patients, where the participants are the ones doing the surgeries.


It's a 3-day program is designed for two types of participants:

- Those who have participated in the Mastercourse

- Those with experience in full arch surgery looking forward to push their limits and perfect their craft.

Your skills will be pushed to the limit in a real surgical environment


Each pair of participants is expected to perform 6-10 full arch cases by the end of the course.

This LIVE SURGERY BOOTCAMP has the direct supervision of Dr. Bernardo and his team, that will support you and enter the surgery if needed.

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Difficult to Extreme

All on X, Palatal Approach, Trans Sinus, Trans Nasal, Pterygoids and Custom Subperiosteal Implant*

*For an extra fee, one team of participants can operate a real Custom Subperiosteal Case.

Dr. Bernardo may enter the surgery if required.


Live Surgery Bootcamp

Private transfer to the Training Center

Hotel during the Bootcamp

Lunches, drinks and snacks during the Bootcamp

Full Arch Club scrub and surgical cap



Hotel in Rio for the night before the course

Dinners (we always have dinner together close to the Training Center)


Check out our FAQ


Gallery of previous editions: click here


3 Days

You must arrive in Rio de Janeiro 2 days / 2 nights before the course date.

(Example: if the course starts on Monday, you should arrive on the Saturday)

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Place and itenerary

The day before the course, we meet in Rio and we have a private transfer from Rio to the Training Center location (Valença, RJ).

During the Bootcamp, we stay in a wonderful scenic hotel from the Imperial Era (picture below). We have swimming pool, game room, air conditioned, private WC, breakfast, etc.

At the end of the Bootcamp, on the third day, the private transfer brings us back to Rio.

You can fly home on that same evening (for flights after 11 pm) or the next day. We recommend you to stay this last night in Rio, relaxing and recovering from the experience.


Expertise required

Experience in full arch surgery and knowledge about the Mastercourse techniques are required.

Mastercourse participants have systematically outperformed non-Mastercourse participants.

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